How to Use ‘Strike Rates’ to Improve Sales Performance

Maths is not a strong point for many of your staff – even the manager or head chef. So when you talk about percentages, markups and discounts, they’re probably hoping you don’t quiz them too deeply. A survey of adults some years ago found that 47/100 (almost half) could not calculate a percentage. Chances are, some of them work for you!

Explaining results as a ‘strike rate’ makes the point more strongly: 
Not so clear: ‘only 26% of customers are ordering dessert’
Clearer: ‘only 1 in 4 customers are ordering dessert’

Not so clear: ‘62% of customers have one drink at the bar then leave’
Clearer: ‘3 out of 5 customers have one drink etc etc…’

Here are examples of under-performing businesses I’ve seen:
* At a seafood restaurant, only 1 person in 12 ordered dessert.
* At a pizzeria, only 1 customer in 8 ordered a side salad.
* Only 1 customer in 4 orders herb or garlic bread with their meal.
* At a club, 300 people visited on one day and only 90 ate at the bistro.
* Only 1 wine drinker in 4 also ordered mineral water at a restaurant.
* Out of 120 function inquiries last month, only 20 became bookings.

And sometimes the results are good:
* 2 out of every 5 customers will order a second coffee if asked.
* Complaints have gone down from 1 customer in 100 to 1 in 350.
* 2 out of 5 take-away customers add a drink to the order if  suggested.

The information is in your POS and dockets, but it’s often in a mess of printouts and percentages. When you untangle it and present the numbers as a strike rate, the results are crystal clear, and the basis for comparison and action. And everyone ‘gets it’.

Photo taken at Grounds of Alexandria.

Plant a lemon, lime or even a coffee tree at your cafe?

Realistically, you won’t be able to grow all the herbs and greens you need in a cafe or restaurant garden – that would need some serious production. But you can still share your enthusiasm for fresh produce with more than just a bowl of tomatoes on the counter: plant a lemon tree, or a lime… even a coffee tree or an avocado!

What makes citrus and coffee trees attractive is that they’re quick growing, can be kept compact, and if you buy an established one, you’ll have them fruiting almost straight away – a great conversation starter. In Australia, Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery is a great site for sourcing trees and learning how to cultivate them. Now where’s that spare patch of soil?

Great Win by Club Toukley for the NSW Chef’s Table Award

We’re still grinning with satisfaction for the winners of the ClubsNSW Chef’s Table Award – Club Toukley RSL. Chefs Kurt Sonneman and Alex Patterson, with GM Trevor Haynes and all their team are over the moon. It’s the culmination of more than 12 months developing and launching their Ziva eats and pizza concept… and yes, they are Profitable Hospitality members.

Great to have the Chief Judge Julio Azzarello’s input into our article on How to Win the Chef’s Table Award – just sayin’….

Here’s a souvenir video from the event: