Interviews with Ken Burgin on Restaurant Management and Podcasting

It was great to meet Adam Yee through Linkedin, when I commented on an article he wrote a few months back. He’s a food scientist and also has his own podcast, with the discussion often focused on food flavours. It’s a topic that was on my interview wish list, and now I had found an expert!

Enjoy the discussions I had with Adam on his My Food Job Rocks podcast…

Interview: My Work as a Restaurant Management Advisor

Bonus Interview: Podcasting and How to Build an Online Platform

Reversing the tables, here’s the interview I did with Adam about Food Flavours for the Profitable Hospitality podcast – it’s well worth your time…

Interview: Understanding Food Flavours

What makes food taste wonderful, or bland, or maybe it’s sour, hot or bitter? There are so many things to understand with food flavours, so we asked Adam Yee, a food scientist for assistance. He talks with Ken Burgin about the chemistry of flavours, how we experience them, and how a chef can use this knowledge to create memorable tastes and popular recipes.

We also discussed potato chips, smoky flavours, snacks, desserts and what makes ethnic food so popular. The food scientist sees the essential elements of taste coming from flavour, texture, depth, time, heat and moisture – everyone in the kitchen is a scientist in one way or another!

How to Get Employee Training to Stick!

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor has shared another excellent training article that will strike a chord: How To Get Employee Training To Stick Like Gum To The Sidewalk On A Hot Summer Day.

He’s not just talking about the skills and awareness staff need to learn, but also the bad habits we need to correct and remove: how customers are addressed, how products are recommended, and essential etiquette. Taught in a way that will change behaviour quickly and minimise resistance – the 5 key training targets are well worth applying with your own staff.  It’s also a reminder that there’s a lot we can learn about restaurant sales from our retailer friends – how they work with fussy and fickle customers, deal with ever-changing trends, keep entry-level staff on their sales game, and handle relentless competition.

It was great to interview Bob for the Profitable Hospitality podcast – he knows hospitality well and shared some great insights with us. Listen and enjoy…

Podcast: How Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Became a B Corp Business

I recently met coffee roaster Saxon Wright, to hear about Pablo & Rusty’s recent certification as a B Corp. Specialty coffee seems to lead the way in the beverage industry with its focus on sustainability from grower through to consumer. B Corps ‘aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems’, and the Silver Chef group is a proud member of the worldwide B Corp community.

We discussed the growth of the business, their commitment to sustainably sourced produce, and the additional B Corp priorities of environmental action, improved employee conditions, customer and community support, accountability and transparency. Even coffee waste is being imaginatively re-used with their Huskee Cup project. The company is growing fast, and Saxon sees the focus provided by B Corp standards as an important part of their success.

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