Time to Tighten Up Your Facebook Privacy – How Long Since You Checked It?

I like Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, but worry about the privacy side – who else knows what I say and like? The latest news about political use of Facebook data shouldn’t come as a surprise – it’s just a sophisticated extension of what you can do to target local customers with Facebook ads.

It’s important to review your privacy settings – the options keep changing and you might be surprised at the information you make available. If you’ve never done this, chances are that strangers can see all of your posts. And what about your staff? It’s amazing how unaware they are with privacy – challenge them.

Here’s Canadian tech guru Steve Dotto, showing how to tighten up access to your private Facebook information. Read his article or watch him show you how on the video…

UPDATE: Seems like the data Facebook collects from our phones is way more than imagined, although I’m sure we gave permission in those Terms & Conditions we agreed to. This tweet alerted me to the range of data, and how you can access it – read the details here on TechCrunch

Tech Trends in China, and What they Mean for Foodservice and Payments

China leapfrogged the PC era to go mobile-first – the smartphone is the “remote control” of people’s lives, with messaging/operating-system and payment platforms like WeChat and Alipay at the centre of most daily transactions.

Watch this startling, intense video (24 minutes, but stay with it) about China’s online-to-offline commerce and payments, the creation of on-demand marketplaces and the use of QR codes. Plus new forms of social-mobile communication, from livestreaming to stickers to VR cafes that handle your entertainment needs. I was watching the references to payments and foodservice – you’re sure to see other possibilities.

And… this is a country with an extraordinary degree of political repression, and has its internet cut off from the rest of the world…