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Staff Recruitment & Management

Staff Recruitment & Management

Helping you find, manage and keep a great team. Staff shortages, productivity and high wage costs are some of the most important issues facing restaurants & cafes today.

Productivity & Cost Control

Support for successful operators to stay up to date with financial management, efficient systems and the right technology. Discover best practices to lower your costs and increase efficiency.

Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Increase Your Sales

A multi-channel approach gives the best results: smart menu design, active social media, positive reviews and a website Google loves. Plus a friendly atmosphere with staff who know how to sell.

Building a modern and resilient hospitality industry

Hospitality is a dynamic industry, and there are so many challenges! Staff, cost control, marketing, recruitment, menu development and hungry competitors – the list goes on. With more than 25 years of experience in hospitality, I enjoy helping people to create a better business and career – particularly when there’s a digital shortcut available, or a fresh way to be more efficient.

My background: after 10 years as a cafe and restaurant owner in Sydney during the 90’s, I created the online management business Profitable Hospitality. This was acquired by finance company Silver Chef in 2016. Current priorities and fascinations include hospitality automation and robotics, overcoming staff shortages through better work conditions, helping operators handle Covid restrictions, and finding the best ways to use social media (especially TikTok and Instagram) for marketing and promotion.

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