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Ken BurginKen Burgin’s Hospitality Reset

Ken Burgin developed his love of hospitality during his 10 years as a cafe and restaurant owner in Sydney during the 90’s.

His main business, Caffe Troppo in Glebe became one of Sydney’s liveliest and most popular destination for many Sydneysiders as well as interstate and international visitors.

Industry Leadership, Training and Management Resources

Based on his in-depth experience in the industry, Ken went on to create the online management business Profitable Hospitality. This provided extensive training and resources for 1000’s of restaurant, cafe and hospitality operators. Ken frequently spoke at industry trade events and workshops. He continues to write and present insightful commentary for media, trade publications and training programs.

Ken merged Profitable Hospitality with the hospitality finance company Silver Chef in 2016 and has continued to play an active role as a leader and consultant for the industry.

New Focus for 2023-2024

Ken’s current priorities and keen interests include hospitality automation and robotics, digital kitchen management, strategies to overcome staff shortages, supporting operators to handle Covid restrictions, and finding the best ways to use social media (especially TikTok and Instagram) for marketing and promotion.

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