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How to do retail properly if you sell speciality coffee…

Highly recommend you follow Dublin café owner Colin Harmon on Instagram, and in this short video he shows off all the Christmas gifts you can buy at his cafe. I heard him speak a couple of years ago in Sydney, and he was fierce on the value of adding good retail to your mix if you sell specialty coffee – he said up to 25% (!) of their total sales come from this. The man

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Watching the Decline of a Cafe Under New Owners

It’s painful to watch the decline of a favourite cafe – it’s been under new management for the last 2 months. It was probably not an easy business to sell, as the menu is complex and standards high – that would make it intimidating for many potential purchasers. The previous owners set it up ten years ago, and it has a passionate following – for the product and for them as people. But new owners

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How to tell if your Job Ads discourage female or male applicants

We’re all keen to avoid bias against females or males, and sometimes the language we use in job advertisements will subtly discourage one or the other. The Gender Decoder is a great tool to check your ads – it picks up words we commonly use but may not realise have an inbuilt bias. I checked this typical ad for a Barista (below), and it highlighted the words in red as ‘masculine’ – it would not

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Dublin Cafe Owner Rocks Australia – reminds us to put profits first!

250 enthusiastic cafe owners, managers and baristas packed the Sydney warehouse of Toby’s Estate Coffee last night to hear Dublin’s rockstar cafe owner and roaster Colin Harmon – the author of What I Know About Running Coffee Shops. It was another one of the Toby’s Estate Knowledge Talks – they draw quite a crowd.  Previous events with Colin were held in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. His book has now sold 10,000 copies – in hard back! It’s different to the usual, dry

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