Ken Burgin

Getting it right with Sponsorship Applications…

Do you have an endless stream of community groups asking for sponsorship and donations, way more than you can afford? Or maybe you are after sponsorship from a liquor or food company for an event.

Most sponsorship applications are poorly thought out, offering few tangible benefits to the sponsor. They talk about how worthy they are, and offer ho-hum ‘opportunities’ of logo placement, banners, mentions and dinner invitations. But no mention of how the sponsorship will help drive the sponsor’s sales, or promote their business objectives. This is not denying the value and integrity of the organisation or event, but when you receive an endless stream of these applications, it’s only the ones that stand out and offer mutual benefits that will get a second look.

One of the best people to explain this, and the whole world of sponsorship, is Kim Skildum-Reid. Here she is with a short, sharp pep talk on how to create a successful sponsorship application. Highly recommended, and could also be useful for your sporting club or charity group if they’re seeking funds from an organisation…

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