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Dani Valent Podcast

Dani Valent on Food Media and Positive Change for Hospitality

Dani Valent describes herself as a food journalist, podcaster, writer, eater, traveller and cook – and it’s all done with enthusiasm and a passion for sharing. I will also add that she’s a great humanitarian and advocate for restaurant workers, asylum seekers and refugees – the people who give vital support to our industry, but are often overlooked and struggle to have a good life. Find more about her work and links to her podcast at

Questions we discussed…

  • What has made her so interested in all aspects of hospitality?
  • Food media – what’s changed in the last few years? Better and worse?
  • New media channels – what does she use and find most interesting?
  • How do new restaurants and cafes get the attention of a journalist – what’s the best hook?
  • The Covid hospitality experience – what have we learned that’s made us stronger?
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs – what has she learned about their resilience and innovation?
  • How Dani works as a journalist and podcaster – keeping to deadlines and producing a steady flow of interesting content.

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