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Payment and Ordering Systems seen at the Fine Food Show…

Credit card processor Tyro were at the recent Fine Food Show in Sydney, well known for their POS integration and keen pricing. For the very small operators, note that you can buy now buy a Square system from Officeworks for $25!

A quick win for every operator is to get onto the merchant services department of your bank and ask for a  rate review – most people don’t even know what they’re paying. Your challenge is to get it below 1%, averaged across all Visa and Mastercard transactions. It can be done.

Order management for the delivery economy had some interesting services on display, especially for people who want to avoid the 30-35% fees charged by Deliveroo, UberEats and the like. Systems like Orderup are now well established  – you can set up an online ordering system on your website with your own branding.  Foodstorm is a similar system  that allows for a white-label ordering setup – it’s more for caterers and has a great reputation. Drive Yellow is a new service that will handle your delivery logistics – another option for reducing hefty commissions. They are the delivery service for MenuLog.

Several generic kiosk systems were on display – McDonalds is educating us about these and many more options will become available. For now, they’re a bit clunky and tied to their own POS system, which limits usefulness. The suggestive selling architecture of these systems is what will make the winning difference.

Also impressive was Ordermentum  – tying suppliers and businesses together for easy ordering and fulfillment.

It’s a dynamic and competitive field with new players and constant innovation…

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