Ken Burgin

Nat shares his dislike of crap food, and millions agree…

What is it about Nat the muso cook that people love? [warning: lots of swearing].

He’s raw and real (his dad was a chef), he hates fake food, and he’s getting media attention. What can we translate from this into restaurant & cafe land? Enthusiasm ✅, energy ✅, love of real food ✅, potty mouth 🤔. …

I asked a bunch of restaurant mates if Nat actually helps the industry:

Absolutely yes I love him. He’s bringing accessible cooking to people who wouldn’t watch a Jamie Oliver or Gordon’s Ramsay video. He’s real, funny and entirely a good thing as far as I’m concerned. – Rob

I had a mate yesterday mention this and he is a convert. He reckons his approach works for him and he rarely cooks. As for how it impacts cafe customers – my mate is a good example as he is high income and eats out regularly (hence not cooking much!) but he uses Nat when he has to cook. – Gordon

It’s not about us, it’s about the kids that have been scared to cook for themselves. All power to him! – Paul

I’m a big fan, he’s a hard case dude alright and his cooking is awesome. “F#*k JAR sauce!!” – Lisa