Ken Burgin

Why The E-Myth is Still So Relevant for Cafe & Restaurant Owners

It was published 24 years ago in 1986, and reverberated like a thunderclap in the world of business. You’ve heard that saying ‘work on your business, not in your business‘ so many times you could scream. That’s from the The E-Myth!, and author Michael Gerber’s message is still electrifying, even in a world run by digital systems… and facing virus restrictions and dislocation.

Years ago I ran one-day management events for restaurant owners and would show this short videp, pausing for discussion every few minutes. It would would totally rock them all – so powerful is the message. Wait till you hear what he says about ‘what Mary does‘ – sound familiar with how you’ve positioned your chef or a key manager? Have you created a prison with your business, instead of a path to freedom? Now watch, and find out the key to create a better future…

Here’s a summary of the key points, but don’t use this to stop watching the video!

3 Parts of the Business Development Process:
* Innovation
* Quantification
* Orchestration

4 Key Business Systems:
* How we do it here
* How we recruit hire and train people here
* How we manage here
* How we change it here

7 Point Plan for Business Success
* what’s your vision?
* develop the strategic objective
* develop an organisational plan
* develop management systems
* develop recruitment and staff systems
* develop marketing systems
* develop your operational systems – soft, hard and information