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Managinst Coronavirus with Staff

Covid-19 Vaccination – Managing Restaurant Staff & Customers

There’s a great deal of fear and uncertainty about Covid-19 – the effects of the disease, and the effectiveness of vaccination. Businesses that have re-opened are confronting many new issues – life has become a lot more complicated. Here is a list of resources to assist, and we will add new material as it becomes available…

📍 Find a Vaccination Clinic near you in Australia with this Directory.

Explaining Covid-19 Issues to Staff and Customers:

Legal Issues with Staff and Covid-19 Vaccination:

Other Useful Information on Managing Covid-19 in the Workplace

  • Add proof of your Covid vaccination to Apple Wallet (or Google) – here’s how.
  • Add the Express Medicare App on your phone – good for general medical assistance, here’s how to download it. Setting up this and a MyGov account can be a bit time-consuming, and needs several forms of ID – can someone on the team be a digital assistant with this?

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