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How to Celebrate the Smart Women At Your Restaurant on International Women’s Day

Use International Women’s Day on 8th March to celebrate staff and customers. There are many simple ways to mark the occasion, and you’ll get top marks for showing you notice and care – this is marketing with a heart. Women hold up half the sky, and as visitors and workers, at least half of your business…

  • Make it a week not just a day – there’s plenty to talk about, leading up to 8th March. Highlight one promotion, photo or story each day.
  • Feature the women who work for you – a group photo, and extra mention of the long-time workers and how they’ve developed. Share photos and stories on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms – posts like these will be widely shared.
  • Talk about women who inspire your staff: more to post on Facebook. Kate might be inspired by Kylie Kwong, the chef and entrepreneur. Jan the floor manager loves the way Adele the singer has handled her struggle. You get the idea – post the Facebook with a picture of the staff member or their hero – this is easy content to prepare.
  • Ask staff to share ‘About My Mother’ on Facebook: these posts can be an inspiration. You just need a photo of a staff member with their mum or grandmother – ask them what’s special about the relationship in just one sentence. This needs organising a few weeks in advance, and the results can be very moving.
  • Share a food angle: favourite recipes from mothers and grandmothers. ‘Nanna food’ is still popular and something to feature – mention whose mother it is!
  • Support a women’s cause for the week: a local women’s shelter, or an aid project overseas. You’ll find information and photos about the cause on their websites.
  • Push it further and get staff thinking about gender and harassment issues – a conversation that all staff should take part in. It may be a little uncomfortable to start with, but good things come out of these discussions.
  • Hold a special dinner or event: work with local community groups and give them a chance to raise funds by selling tickets. Organise a speaker and showcase the work of your women chefs with pictures in a Facebook album the next day. Start something regular.
  • Learn and share about the history of International Women’s Day – it’s inspiring!

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