Ken Burgin

How to Get Employee Training to Stick!

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor has shared another excellent training article that will strike a chord: How To Get Employee Training To Stick Like Gum To The Sidewalk On A Hot Summer Day.

He’s not just talking about the skills and awareness staff need to learn, but also the bad habits we need to correct and remove: how customers are addressed, how products are recommended, and essential etiquette. Taught in a way that will change behaviour quickly and minimise resistance – the 5 key training targets are well worth applying with your own staff.  It’s also a reminder that there’s a lot we can learn about restaurant sales from our retailer friends – how they work with fussy and fickle customers, deal with ever-changing trends, keep entry-level staff on their sales game, and handle relentless competition.

It was great to interview Bob for the Profitable Hospitality podcast – he knows hospitality well and shared some great insights with us. Listen and enjoy…

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