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Podcast 11: What Can Disney Teach Us About Hospitality Systems & Service?

If you haven’t experienced a Disney theme park or travel adventure, you have heard about the amazing service and carefully designed experiences they produce. How can hospitality operators of any size learn from the Disney approach to customer service, and create some of that magic in their own venue?

In this podcast, I’m talking with Michelle Pascoe, a Customer & Team Retention Specialist in the hospitality industry. Her dynamic business covers areas from leadership & customer service development to market research & mystery customer surveys. She also has her own inspiring podcast and has been to training courses and conferences run by the Disney Institute in the USA.

Topics we discussed:

  • What sums up the Disney experience for someone who hasn’t visited before, especially if they come as an experienced hospitality person, not just a wide-eyed tourist? What will surprise them?
  • What attracted you to learn more about the Disney experience?
  • How does Disney take their customer service to the next level.
  • How Disney develops a high level of staff engagement and team behaviour
  • How Disney use staff feedback and experience for continual improvement
  • How is Disney using technology, loyalty schemes, membership etc to automate a great customer experience – and how can we do this in our local operations?
  • Translating the Disney experience from the ‘larger than life’ USA to smaller local situations. – specially as most of staff have not been to a Disney theme park..
  • How and why should people learn more from Disney, short of visiting?

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