Ken Burgin

How to Promote Harmony Week: 17-23 March

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Hospitality is uniquely placed to celebrate this event – we employ, and depend on people from so many countries. With a world in conflict, let’s promote the people who are the foundation of our business success. The dates coincide with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Here are some celebration ideas…

  • Take lots of team photos – staff working, group shots, setting up, cooking and serving.
  • Share the photos on your Facebook page, Instagram and other social media accounts – take a few with people holding up a Harmony Day sign…
  • Make an extra feature of the kitchen – it’s often like the United Nations, and sometimes forgotten because they work behind the scenes. People are always fascinated by how kitchens work and the life of a chef.
  • Use the #harmonyday or #harmonyweek hashtags so others see your posts on Instagram and Twitter
  • Tell some team stories – about Ketut the chef from Bali, Connor the Irish manager or Mohammed the apprentice from Iran. It just needs a photo and a few sentences about when they came to Australia, where they trained and what they like about hospitality. Share them on your Facebook page, newsletter or website – these are the type of post that are shared widely.
  • Promote the event internally – sharing food, family photos and stories.
  • Tell the local paper about your great team, with a tie-in to Harmony Week. Talk about your business representing the face of modern Australia, with people from, for example, 12 nationalities serving more than 1500 customers every week.
  • Use the customisable posters and resources on the Harmony Week website.

There’s also a serious side to workforce diversity – be aware of the stress many staff are under with immigration and visas.

These processes are lengthy, complicated and expensive. It’s become an undignified political football, and the changes and politician rants are felt keenly by people who are waiting for permanency or citizenship. Your support and understanding will be greatly appreciated…

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