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Developing Young Leaders

Podcast 10: Developing Leadership Skills in Young Hospitality Staff

More young people are being given management responsibilities early in their career, and running a hospitality business is becoming more complex. This can mean added stress and errors, and much more to learn about. Training and development for new leaders can be done through professional courses, and many times it’s through guidance on the job. How can business owners and senior managers make this process more effective and efficient?

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks with Vanessa Pollock of VP Training & Development. an experienced hospitality trainer and development coach. She knows the industry inside out, and has been shaping her training programs to fit with the extra demands of Covid restrictions.

Topics they discussed:

  • Building teamwork and managing discipline issues on a daily basis
  • Giving feedback – understanding the 4 leadership hats
  • Understanding and using personality styles
  • Are there different issues for women and men, locals and people from overseas?
  • Chef issues vs Front of House – how are the challenges different?
  • Managing Covid issues and Vaccination leadership
  • Handling delegation when you’re young and new – how to get better doing this
  • Being more productive and showing others how to be more productive
  • Understanding and improving time management
  • Giving feedback to the boss or the owner, and ‘managing upwards’
  • Building on the technical ability of Gen Z and Gen Y
  • What’s in your recommended tech toolbox to help young leaders do a better job?
  • How can your programs and products support business owners and managers.

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