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Hospo Reset’s Product of the Week

Every week in the Hospo Reset Newsletter, we share a product or service that’s caught our eye – for kitchen & beverage management, staffing, facilities management, marketing and overall productivity. This is not an endorsement, please do your own assessment of suitability for your business. Here’s the list so far, and it’s updated every month. Food, Menus and Kitchen Management Restoke manages back of house functions like recipes, menus, ordering, work lists, staff training, plus

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Wine List Profits

How to Increase Wine List Profits and Popularity

The wine list is an essential part of your restaurant or hotel beverage service, so let’s apply intelligent design and business thinking to increase profits and ensure it appeals to the greatest number of people. Covid has given us time to rethink menus, and customers have come back with less money in their pockets. The popular Aussie BYO is now available in fewer restaurants, and there needs to be a rethink about the wine range

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How to Use ‘Strike Rates’ to Improve Sales Performance

Maths is not a strong point for many of your staff – even the manager or head chef. So when you talk about percentages, markups and discounts, they’re probably hoping you don’t quiz them too deeply. A survey of adults some years ago found that 47/100 (almost half) could not calculate a percentage. Chances are, some of them work for you! Explaining results as a ‘strike rate’ makes the point more strongly:  Not so clear:

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Wine and Food Books

Wine and Food Books are Great for Staff Training and Gifts

Chances are you can’t take your staff to a winery or a farm, but you still want them to be familiar with where food and beverages come from and how they are processed. Chefs often have a secret passion for cookbooks, that makes them an ideal thank-you gift. Illustrated books can be useful as chunky visual aids for training, and are very inexpensive if you look for them second hand. Where to find pre-owned Wine

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