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Restaurant Customer Data

Podcast 5: Using Restaurant Customer Data for Better Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

It’s more important than ever to keep in touch with your customers – promoting delivery, reminding them about new opening hours, publicising events or just a friendly message to the community. Social media has its place, but email and SMS are much more direct and under your control – they’re not subject to the whims of Facebook formulas or Instagram algorithms. In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks to Sarah Franklyn from Impact Data, one of

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LInkedIn for Restaurants

Podcast 4: How to Make LinkedIn More Effective for Chefs, Restaurant Managers & Owners

Want to be taken seriously as a professional? A good LinkedIn profile is essential, and this means more than just dropping your CV into a new location. It can also be a powerful marketing channel for your business. People who want to know more about you for a job, as a referee or for a professional opportunity will always Google your name – your LinkedIn profile will appear high up on the first search page,

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Regional Cafe

Podcast 3: How a Regional Cafe Gets Big-City Sales with Modern Systems & Equipment

It was great to talk with Matt Lucas from The Coffee Pedaler cafes, in the towns of Gundagai and Tumut, about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. With a focus on quality coffee and efficient systems, Matt has built a business that generates a high return and is easy to manage across multiple sites. It’s the place that discerning travellers head to when they’re on the freeway and need a break. – and they

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Hospitality Staff Training

Podcast 2: How to Use Facilitation Skills for Faster & Better Hospitality Staff Training

In this episode, I talk with team culture and facilitation expert Leanne Hughes about how to use facilitation skills to overcome some of the hesitation attached to restaurant, cafe and foodservice training. Training, the T-word, causes anxiety for many small business owners: don’t have the time, costs too much money, wasted on staff who don’t stay etc – small business thinking is very different to corporate culture, where training is embraced. Many simple training sessions

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Open Book Management for Restaurants

Podcast 1: Restaurant Profit Improvement with Open Book Management

My guest in this podcast is James O’Connell of the Hospitality Company. He’s based in Christchurch New Zealand, and like me, is constantly watching out for how best practice in hospitality management is used all over the world. He’s leading the way with the very important principle we discuss in this episode: Open Book Management. 🎧 Subscribe to Hospo Reset Podcast on Apple Podcasts. on Google Podcasts, on Spotify or your podcast app of choice.

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Wine List Profits

How to Increase Wine List Profits and Popularity

The wine list is an essential part of your restaurant or hotel beverage service, so let’s apply intelligent design and business thinking to increase profits and ensure it appeals to the greatest number of people. Covid has given us time to rethink menus, and customers have come back with less money in their pockets. The popular Aussie BYO is now available in fewer restaurants, and there needs to be a rethink about the wine range

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Kitchen Management

Successful Kitchen Management for Non-Chefs and Restaurant Owners

If you depend on the profits of a food operation, you need to understand kitchen management, and how to move in that space with confidence. Here’s a quick guide to how a non-chef can become much more skilled in managing ‘secret kitchen business’ – it can be satisfying and very profitable to understand the workings of production, staffing and cost control. Create Effective and Easy-to-Use Kitchen Management Systems Introduce a Digital Ordering System. No more

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Recruit the Best Staff

How Large Restaurants, Hotels and Clubs Can Recruit the Best Staff

Large hospitality groups have big advantages when it comes to purchasing food and beverages. They also have extra strength in negotiation with service suppliers and landlords. So why do so many of these operators ‘think small’ when it comes to recruitment, pay and conditions? It just doesn’t work in the race for talent… It’s time to flex your advantages when it comes to recruitment and retention – you can offer ‘the best job in town’

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Online Events for Restaurants

The Future of Restaurants & Cafes after the Pandemic – Podcast Interview

It was great to talk with hospitality industry expert Michelle Pascoe on The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast, about what I see as the future of restaurants, cafes and foodservice after the pandemic storms settle. I’ve already shared some of my thoughts on how we should expect a tough and demanding summer and the importance of having a Plan B for the next Covid Lockdown. But people still want to eat out, share time with friends

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Rise Menu Prices

How to Raise Restaurant Menu Prices without Negative Pushback

Inflation is back, following dramatic rises in energy costs, wages and all the food & beverage supplies we purchase. Operators still holding the price of meals to what they were 12 months ago are bearing the brunt of massive increases in the cost of ingredients. And profitability is suffering. Setting prices is approached with fear and anxiety by many restaurant and cafe operators, but it’s a unique opportunity to use your marketing and financial skills

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