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Restaurant Customer Data

Podcast 5: Using Restaurant Customer Data for Better Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

It’s more important than ever to keep in touch with your customers – promoting delivery, reminding them about new opening hours, publicising events or just a friendly message to the community. Social media has its place, but email and SMS are much more direct and under your control – they’re not subject to the whims of Facebook formulas or Instagram algorithms.

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks to Sarah Franklyn from Impact Data, one of Australia’s leading customer, loyalty and transactional data specialists – she’s had extensive experience with hospitality businesses of all sizes.

it’s not hard to build your email and mobile number list from the many ways you have contact with customers. Now it’s time to use all this data for promotion!

Questions they Discussed:

  • Where do we find the customer data in a cafe, restaurant or bar?
  • Why use email – is it still relevant?
  • Tell us more about SMS – seems like it could be used much more often. How are smart operators using it for sales or customer recovery?
  • What is a reasonable frequency for sending SMS and email, and how often is too much?
  • How do we connect email and SMS activity with social media?
  • Effective loyalty schemes – every operator wants one, but most places with one don’t use them well. What are the most effective types?
  • What about phone apps – do I need one? What can I do more with it?
  • What is this Customer Journey you talk about, and how can I use it with my customers?
  • Tell us more about automation and having this managed for us rather than DIY.

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