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Restaurant Events

25 Easy Restaurant Events to Attract More Customers

An active calendar with a variety of restaurant events keeps staff and customers engaged and shows that your business is fresh, creative and worth another visit. Think about the customers you’d like to see more of, and those that spend well – keep them in mind as you plan ahead. Something new to talk about every month creates great word-of-mouth promotion. Seasonal Events: Phases of the moon, first day of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter,

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Restaurant SEO

Two Essential Sales Pages on your Restaurant Website (Often Neglected)

The ‘About Us’ and the ‘Contact Us’ pages on your website can be a great way to build interest and sales, but they need to be designed with care, imagination and plenty of information. These two pages are the doorways for curious people who want to find out more about your food, atmosphere and service. Or they want to reach you with an email, phone call or social media – sometimes immediately, or by following

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restaurant photography

Photo Shot List for a Restaurant or Cafe

The bar is set high for hospitality images of food, venues, atmosphere and happy customers – phones can take excellent photos. And sometimes you need a professional photographer – their eye for light, composition and subject matter can create pictures that make a much stronger impression. Like all professionals, photographers work best with a clear and detailed brief – the Shot List. If you have it properly worked out and all the food, beverages and

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Dani Valent Podcast

Dani Valent on Food Media and Positive Change for Hospitality

Dani Valent describes herself as a food journalist, podcaster, writer, eater, traveller and cook – and it’s all done with enthusiasm and a passion for sharing. I will also add that she’s a great humanitarian and advocate for restaurant workers, asylum seekers and refugees – the people who give vital support to our industry, but are often overlooked and struggle to have a good life. Find more about her work and links to her podcast

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Increase Dessert Sales

How to Make More Money with Dessert Sales

The lack of dessert sales in most restaurants and cafes is positively unAustralian! Considering how profitable they can be, this needs to be fixed immediately – it’s usually the result of unattractive appearance, poor sales skills, the wrong menu placement, or prices that are too high relative to main course items. Desserts can create a strong first and last impression, and there’s money to be made when you mix sugar, air and water with flavour!

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social media marketing

Podcast 14: Smarter Marketing for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Celebrations

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks with Mark Khoder from YourSocialChef. He develops and manages social media and marketing campaigns for a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and food brands. As you will hear in the discussion, he is 100% focused on getting the best return on investment, to help your brand and income grow. There’s no shortage of social media options, and it’s easy to be excited by the latest ‘shiny object’ – but

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Restaurant Marketing

3 New Restaurant Marketing Opportunities in November

With business turned upside down in the pandemic, we need every excuse for a party or promotion. There are three from the retail space that can easily be adapted for restaurants and cafes in November – just add imagination and stir! Hopefully, you have a buildup for Christmas parties, but there’s no reason not to add these three extra promotions as a booster. Singles Day Restaurant Marketing – 11 November Think of it as the

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Restaurant Marketing Calendar

Restaurant Marketing Calendar – Social & Environmental Issues

There are special days and months all through the year, to celebrate and commemorate important themes and social issues – a great way to add depth and variety to your cafe or restaurant marketing calendar. There may be ways to include them in the calendar of events at your cafe or restaurant, on social media or just as a reminder to staff. Customers respond very positively to your support for social and environmental issues. Check

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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Restaurant’s Birthday, and Make a Real Impact

People love to see a business succeed, and if they’re regular customers, they have watched your growth and development. An annual birthday celebration is a great way to share the love and build loyalty. Not sure when it is? No problem, make it up! Once you’ve set the date, here are some easy ways to spread the word, and remember, social media is your #1 friend for this! Birthday Week, not just One Day: milk

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Hospitality Christmas Photos

40 Photo Ideas for Your Restaurant’s Christmas Social Media

Social media posts thrive on visual content, and there are dozens of opportunities to take all sorts of photos during the Christmas season – food, decorations, people and local scenes. They will look good on Facebook, Instagram and your website. Snap and share, and many can be used again next year. Gather props – Christmas balls or decorations, Santa hats and strings of lights – they will all be useful. Starting the Day – setting

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