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Hospitality Management

Podcast 16: Digital Innovation & Leadership in Hospitality Management

Michael Tinsager has a unique position in hospitality – as an industry adviser and podcaster with the Hospitality Mavericks Podcast, he has access to the experience and wisdom of hundreds of operators and experts. He is based in the UK and has a great perspective on the industry there, in Europe, North America and worldwide.

Ken Burgin interviewed Michael to find out what he’s learned during the pandemic about Innovation & Leadership in Hospitality Management. We discussed ‘new best practice’ with purchasing, cost control, financial reporting and control systems, particularly with the increasing maturity of data analytics. We also discussed changes in managing people – recruitment, retention, mental health, skill development, culture and productivity.

Moving to the customer side of business, we looked at recent changes in the customer experience and service, and how businesses are meeting and matching new expectations. This then led onto marketing, customer communication, loyalty and social media – it was a very stimulating conversation! You can download Michael’s recent presentation on What Great Hospitality Leaders Know & Do.

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