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Restaurant Managers

Podcast 19: Developing Restaurant Managers for the Digital Age

Management is a lot more than carrying a big bunch of keys and covering the roster. A massive increase in operational complexity makes the manager role more demanding, and also more effective if the data available is harnessed accurately to show real-time results.

Ken Burgin interviewed Liz Perkins from The Hospitality Company on this very interesting topic – she has a background as a chef and business owner. Liz now coaches hospitality operators on how to make the best use of the digital management tools available, and master the critical numbers that show business performance and success.

Topics they discussed:

  • The 5 key business areas that modern managers need to handle.
  • How manager roles and expectations have changed in the last few years.
  • Digital literacy and skills – what should the modern manager be comfortable handling?
  • Recommended digital systems to help operators take control eg dashboards, rostering, recipes etc.
  • How to upgrade the skills of older and less-experienced managers.

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