Ken Burgin

The value of saying ‘Thank You’

Great to see this ‘thank you’ list on the back of the menu at Blackbird Artisan Bakery in Maitland (it was in the old gaol). Excellent baking there – sourdough breads, wonderful cakes, pastries and meals, all produced under the guidance of a passionate owner.

It reminded me about all the people we forget to thank or acknowledge – we want to do it, but get busy and remember when it’s too late…

  • Thanks to the kitchen team who got hammered on a very busy weekend (group text or a message on the noticeboard)
  • Thanks to the supplier who organised a rush delivery when we forgot to order (send a quick text)
  • Thanks to the customer who gave us a 5-star rating and compliments on Facebook (add your comment below their message)
  • Thanks to the local office person who always organises staff lunches at your venue (a card or email)
  • Thanks to the barista for her patience and dedication with the school trainees (a card or text)

Too busy to do it right now? Set a reminder on your calendar, send yourself an email, or just tap out a quick text if that’s all you have at hand… thanks!

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