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Regional Cafes

Podcast 7: Building Strong Cafes & Restaurants in Regional Communities

A good cafe, good food and a good bar can often be the heart of a country town – for locals and the people who visit. What makes them successful, especially if they don’t have a big-city population and workforce?

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks with Deb Brown from SaveYour.Town about the many ways that regional cafes and restaurants can grow and prosper through community connections and innovation – it’s an inspiring conversation.

Topics they discussed…

  • Deb’s background and work as a community & business activist
  • How she works to energise communities and revitalise local economies
  • What are the elements of a rural community that are growing in a positive way, despite Covid, commodity prices, weather and all the other challenges?
  • Some examples of successful cafes, restaurants and bars you see in small towns – what gives them their strength?
  • Handling competition from big restaurant chains eg McDonalds and franchises
  • What special qualities do people from regional communities bring to business?
  • How to handle the negative types in your town who say it’s too hard, or the mayor or the government should ‘fix it’? Or when politics gets in the way.
  • Making best use of government grants and support funds – iit’s surprising how much is available.
  • Other tips for regional livewires who want to make a difference in their town?
  • Promoting your area, not just your own business – what have you seen work, especially if there are no obvious tourist attractions?

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