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Ask Staff to Use this ‘Briefcase Technique’ if They Want a Raise

Here’s the thing: we don’t mind giving staff a pay rise if they plan to add more value. But most times, they don’t know how to negotiate for a raise in a convincing way. Ramit Sethi’s Briefcase Technique, outlined in the video below, is a great way to help them understand what you really want to hear.

If they do plenty of preparation, you only have to say yes – the case they make is so attractive!

So when it’s time for the annual salary negotiation, or someone has approached you for a raise, ask them to watch this video and prepare to ‘pull some paper out of the briefcase’ for you.

The chef might propose to run a new tender process to get all the suppliers pitching better prices for next year. She also has a plan to get the recipe costs updated each month, or a new way of rostering so that daily wage costs can be identified quickly.

The manager may have a plan to run weekly training sessions for staff without increasing wage costs, and a more efficient induction process for new hires. Or a better way of handling social media comments and online reviews 24/7.

The keen waiter or bartender may have some great ideas to improve wine and side-order sales. Plus a way to handle phone enquiries and bookings so they work more smoothly and will add more customers.

This is more than just ‘bright ideas’, but plans to follow through and implement practical and sustainable improvements. Now you will be very receptive to the idea of a wage rise!

Also worth showing them this video on a similar topic from Brian Tracy…

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