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Event Management

Event Management & Booking Systems for Restaurant and Function Venues

Most event management systems are now cloud-based, and have become an integral part of planning and organising weddings, special dinners, parties and catering.

The Main Event Management Systems in Australia

Priava – ‘a purpose-built enterprise venue and event management booking system in the cloud for managing all types of venue and event bookings. All the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, event logistics, catering, equipment and resource requirements, and the delivery of those services are all available within Priava’.

Eventpro – ‘built from the ground up to be a single system where the Venue Booking, Event Management and Catering Management components are all seamlessly integrated’.

Ivvy – ‘we put the fun back into events with online, real-time event management tools that deliver real results. Trust iVvy to give you the best selection of locations, suppliers and event management tools to deliver more, faster’.

Function Tracker – ‘our calendar based system allows you to easily manage every event in your venue from beginning to end, including catering, beverage, equipment and staff management and much, much more. From the initial enquiry to the final invoice, every aspect of event management is catered for. You can also send invoices (including integration with accounting software), contracts, quotes & run sheets, manage customers, manage event ticketing and registration.’

Eventbrite – super simple system for when you want to set up a booking page for an event. Free for events that you’re not charging for, and also enables paid events, for which you pay a small commission on the ticket price. Does not integrate with diaries and suppliers, unlike the other systems above.

Sticky Tickets, Humanitix and Eventbee – similar features to Eventbrite for setting up booking pages and selling tickets.

Table booking apps can also be useful for large groups: NowBookIt, ResDiary and Respak (part of OpenTable).

Google and Outlook Calendars – yes they can manage bookings, and you can set up systems with different colours for different locations. But if you’re taking events seriously, you will (and should) grow out of this method quickly.

Features to Compare on Event Management Systems

  • Leads, Opportunities and Quotes
  • Task Management
  • Management Reports, customisable
  • Calendar with multi-room and venue functionality
  • Calendar synchronisation with Google and Outlook
  • Master and sub-events
  • Email functionality and integration with Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail
  • Communication logs
  • Cloud-based file storage
  • Catering Menus and Packages with Costing
  • Supplier and Equipment Costs
  • Invoicing with integration to bookkeeping systems
  • Ticketing and Online Bookings
  • Staff Management
  • Room Management and Floorplans
  • Access Permission Levels
  • Online Help and 24/7 Support
  • Support with setup and customisation

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