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Building Teamwork

Podcast 17: Building Teamwork in Restaurants and Cafes

Wherever there are people working together, there will be team dynamics, negotiation and the sharing of tasks and responsibilities. A good leader guides this process to get the best from their people – and chef Glenn Flood has many years of experience making this work.

It was great to talk with him about Building Teamwork in Restaurants and Cafes – in the kitchen and front of house, and improving relations between the two sections.

In the podcast, we discussed:

  • What are the elements of good teamwork?
  • Back of House vs Front of House – new and better ways to communicate.
  • Glenn’s background and how he moved into the business development side of hospitality.
  • The role of the Head Chef and Manager has changed, and is now less authoritarian – what’s their new role in modern teamwork?
  • How do they fit this into already busy schedules, and what can they delegate?
  • Challenges for young leaders in developing a team – beyond ‘being buddies’.
  • Challenges for including overseas workers – the backbone of our industry. What is it about teamwork that’s a cultural issue that might be challenging for non-Australians?
  • Communication channels and styles to promote teamwork – what works well and what do you suggest?

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