Ken Burgin

Reducing Food Waste

Podcast 18: Reducing Food Waste – New Strategies and Solutions

Dianne McGrath has been doing some remarkable work on sustainability in the hospitality industry. While everyone believes in reducing food waste and improved sustainability, she has done detailed research on how the problem shows up in restaurants and foodservice, and how to make practical improvements.

Ken Burgin interviewed Dianne to find out what he’s learned from her research, and how that can be used by operators and the wider food production industry – the production chain moves from agriculture and harvesting, to processing, distribution and then use by foodservice or households. You can find more about her projects at the Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre or LinkedIn.

Topics they discussed:

  • What Dianne found from her PhD research into food waste in restaurants and foodservice.
  • Understanding the Value Chain in food production and distribution, and implications for foodservice.
  • Shelf life issues – ‘use by’ or ‘best by’ dates, and what they mean.
  • Handling food waste in the QSR and aged care sectors.
  • Over-production issues that regularly hit the headlines eg avocadoes.
  • Future developments in sustainability that will impact foodservice operations and profits.

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