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Restaurant Employee Welcome Pack

How to Create a Welcome Pack for New Restaurant or Cafe Employees

What’s in your Welcome Pack for a new employee? These are easy to set up, and will have you standing well above your competitors – most of them just say: ‘hello, there’s your apron and locker, now get to work!’ A great way to make a positive impression right at the start.

Present the pack in a ring-binder that can have documents easily added or taken out – better than in a folder that can lose the contents. Put the name of the employee on it to keep it from being mislaid. You can put all this online in a Google or Word doc, but there’s something more impressive and ‘serious’ about a printed folder of contents. This is about making a strong impression at the beginning of someone’s employment.

What to include:

  • Map of the area with local information: banks, useful shops, late-night convenience store, a park to enjoy during their break. You could do this on a Google Map and print it.
  • Information about parking and transport, even a timetable (download and print).
  • A Voucher for them to come and have a meal at the business – for free or with a substantial discount (free is best).
  • Vouchers from other local businesses – there are sure to be some who will do a swap. Make them of real value, not just 10% discounts.
  • Perks and benefits list – what comes with the job eg coffee, staff meals, discounts.
  • Information about social media they can connect to: the business Facebook Page, Instagram account and other channels used.
  • A short summary of the Staff Manual – the important things that they need to know. Full version provided and acknowledged separately.
  • A copy of the Code of Conduct – a positive document in a bright, visual format.
  • Legally required information about workplace rights (eg in Australia, the 2-page Fair Work Information Statement). However these more ‘formal’ documents might be best in a set, that will cover pay, superannuation, signing for their uniform and similar subjects. Often these will be done through an online form.
  • Information about staying healthy at work – they may not use it, but it shows you care (see separate Workplace Health document).
  • Information about staying safe at work, plus travelling to and from the job. Again, it will be covered in your Safety and Food Safety Systems, but this is a half-page that is focused on them. Another sign of your commitment to their welfare.
  • Information about internal communication systems – the private staff Facebook or Whatsapp group, or Slack – include some screenshots. Links provided via email or text message.
  • Information about grooming and uniform standards – crystal clear with pictures. What can and cannot be worn or displayed.
  • Start the folder with a Table of Contents to show what’s included, and to guide explanations.

Don’t forget there will be staff who started before you began to hand out the ‘goodies’ eg vouchers – make sure they’re included.

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Restaurant Employee Welcome Pack

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