Ken Burgin

Resources for reflection and action on Black Lives Matter…

We’re all watching what’s happening in the USA, Australia, UK and around the world with Black Lives Matter protests. There’s much to reflect on, and there are many times we see racism within our own hospitality industry. People of colour, immigrants and vulnerable refugees have traditionally done much of our hot, heavy and dirty work, only sometimes rising to take on better-paid jobs as trained chefs and managers.

Here are some links to articles and videos worth viewing or reading – I’ll add more as I find them, and your suggestions are welcome…

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10 Documentaries To Watch About Race Instead Of Asking A Person Of Colour To Explain Things For You

A Message from the Restaurant Manifesto About Racism and Restaurants

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Here are the practical ways you can support Aboriginal Lives Matter

5 Lessons Learned About Racism

Here’s a thoughtful post and suggestions by Matteo Giordano of Adelaide restaurant Pane e Latte