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Working on my elevator pitch as Silver Chef’s Community Manager

With my new role as Community Manager at Silver Chef, there’s the need to explain my slightly ambiguous title to people who ask about it. Or be ready to go beyond hello at an event, when most Australians seem to make ‘what do you do’ the ice-breaker question. A recent session with the marketing team had us working on our elevator pitches, and struggling to keep them short, jargon-free and interesting.

Here’s my one-sentence version, and the follow-up two sentences if people look interested and want to know more…

Hi, I’m Ken Burgin and my job is to educate cafe and restaurant operators on the latest industry trends and how to turn them into profits. [most times, I stop here]

We do this by organising training events, exhibiting at trade shows and connecting with smart business operators to share their skills

I’ve worked in hospitality for more than 25 years, and it’s great to use that experience to help make the industry stronger.

Why just one sentence? This was a useful tip from Dale Beaumont, the business educator. Check the great interview with him (go to 18:24) where he explains the need for a short-short version – most elevator pitches would have you travelling to the 99th floor to finish, when it needs to be all over by level 3 or your listener will be switched off and snoozing!

Working remotely – Amalfi Coast, Italy 2015

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